Hello! I'm Matt.

I'm an independent motion designer, animator, and video editor based in Portland, Oregon. I love finding the voice in a video. Whether it’s crafting the perfect keyframes to communicate the right feeling, exploring design and motion as complementary forces, or taking the delicious brainstorm breaks in between (accompanied by tacos) - I find great joy in setting a video's mission and story into motion.

I also enjoy spending time away from the screen! A few things I love include spending time with my wife and cats, making music, homemade espresso, and meandering through mountains. Feel free to check out some of my adventures here.

To chat about a project or say hi, please feel free to reach me at matt@mattstark.co or schedule a meeting below to simplify the process.

Matt continuously demonstrates excellent communication, a loyal focus on production deadlines, and consistent, industry-leading animation skills to engage and teach our target audience.

Max Gold
Director, DoorDash
Not only was Matt able to deliver what we asked for, he brought a vision that elevated each piece. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a motion designer.

Adam Geiger
Producer, Twin Cities PBS