When I first started making stuff, it started with music. Since my early teens, I have loved tinkering with guitars and music software. It was my gateway to making things. I have a great admiration for music and sound design, and believe it is half of the experience in animation. I pursue these exercises to explore what kind of emotional responses can emanate from design, animation, and sound together. Anyhow, this is simply a growing journal of my design, animation, and music studies.
Episode 1 "Pilot"
Episode 2 "Aquarius"

Episode 3 "Life Goals"

Episode 4 "Dead-Banger"

Episode 5 "Eye Ball"

Episode 6 "Waiting"

Episode 7 "Chicken Crossing"

Episode 8.1 "Shameless [12fps]"

Episode 8.2 "Shameless [24fps]"

Episode 9 "Argument"

Episode 10 "Moodlapse"

Episode 11 "Best of 2018"

Episode 12 "Santa on PTO"

Episode 13 "Prayer Flags"

Episode 14 "Avi8or"

Episode 15 "Seasons"

Animation Project Peeks

Music Project Peeks

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